Java – a programming language specifically designed for use in the distributed environment of the Internet, and a powerful technology with state-of-the-art utilities, games, and enterprise applications running over more than 850 million personal computers worldwide.

Ebodhi stepped ahead to bring expert knowledge and experience packaged together into a well-designed course content suiting industry needs.
Course Content:

Initiation with JAVA

  1. Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  2. Object Basics and Simple Data Objects Classes and Inheritance Interfaces and Packages
  3. Handling Errors with Exceptions
  4. Threads: Doing Two or More Tasks At Once I/O
  5. Reading and Writing
  6. Accessing System Resources
  7. Collections
  8. JDBC
  9. JSP
  10. Servelts
  11. Struts 1.3


Working with MySQL Database

  1. An Introduction to MySQL database
  2. Connecting JAVA application to MySQL
  3. How to design a database
  4. An Introduction to SQL – Structured Query Language
  5. Executing SQL through JAVA application
  6. Fetching Desired Data into JAVA application – SELECT statement
  7. Growing up with your database – INSERT statement
  8. Making your data up-to-date – UPDATE statement
  9. Keeping only desired records – DELETE statement
  10. Getting summarized data using AGGREGATE functions
  11. GROUP and ORDER your records
  12. Working with Complex Queries – JOINS, INNER Queries
  13. Defining and Calling Stored Procedures
  14. Displaying large data into multiple pages – Pagination


Enhancing user experience with Ajax

  1. Introduction to Ajax – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  2. Purpose of Ajax
  3. Ajax Components – key technologies of Ajax
  4. JavaScript and DOM
  5. HttpRequest Object – Compatibility Secrets
  6. Methods and Properties of HttpRequest Object
  7. Creating and Using HttpRequest Object
  8. Generating and Handling the Response – The Role of the Server
  9. Known Problems – Do’s and Don’ts

Becoming professional with advanced concepts

  1. Learning best practices and standards
  2. Securing your website
  3. Advanced security concepts
  4. Optimization techniques
  5. SEO and JAVA
  6. Introduction to technical documentation
  7. Working with FTP

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