WordPress was first released in 2003 and is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in use on Internet at present. It is basically a free & open source blogging tool with a dynamic content management facilities based on PHP and MySQL. The core software has been built by hundreds of community volunteers and since its release numerous features have been added into it including plug-in architecture and template system. As of now over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power their websites.Word press course content1 Installation

2 Admin panel overview

3 Theme installation

4 Plugin installation

5 Writing & Publishing Your blog

i) Post

ii) Page

iii) Adding Pictures To Your blog

iv) Category

v) Links

vi) Comments & Spam

6 More Options With Posts

i) Tags

ii) Publish date

iii) Post Slug

iv) Visibility

7 URL structure

8 Theme development

9 Plugin development

10 Widgets

11 Import and export data from/to another Word press site and Blog

12 RSS

13 Languages

14 Introduction of commonly used plugins

15 Upgrading Your Word Press Blog

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