Importance of Information Security in Development Industry

Dec 6, 2013 Techopedia |

Importance of Information Security in Development Industry Having a website is the first necessity for every business these days, given that a website represents the company over internet. As the websites showcases a great amount of information of the website, and they run over the internet, threats over their security is constant. Any person with some hacking skills & ill intentions may use his knowledge to hack your website and may use it for wrong purposes. Thus it is required that you put necessary information security parameters to ensure safety of your website and your confidential...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5 – which one to buy?

May 17, 2013 Techopedia |

Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5 – which one to buy? Samsung Galaxy S4 has made its market appearance just a couple of days back and Apple’s mighty iPhone 5 is wandering in the streets for some time. But now most of the people are getting an obvious question in mind, which one to buy? If you are a die-hard fan of one of these smartphones, you don’t need any kind of comparison but if looked closely, these two gadgets are miles apart from each other. So here is a thorough comparison between Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5, to decide their superiority: Hardware, Camera & battery...

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Android Jelly Bean market share exceeded 16 percent

Mar 28, 2013 Techopedia |

Android Jelly Bean market share exceeded 16 percent According to a recent update from Google, the Android Jelly Bean is gradually getting popularity in smart phone market. Currently, it is the third most popular OS after Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich. The OS is operating 16.5 percent of all Android devices, which is far ahead from the previous. This include a market share of 14.9 percent from Jelly Bean 4.1x and 1.6 percent from Jelly Bean 4.2x. On the other hand, the predecessor Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich has a market share of 28.6 percent in all Android devices. With improvement...

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iPhone 5 looking slimmer without Wireless Charging

Jan 24, 2013 Techopedia |

iPhone 5 looking slimmer without Wireless Charging The technology world is burgeoning with the launching of new iPhone 5, and this news is trending everywhere. The device is adorned with quite many excellent features, but there is something which everyone is missing. The missing features are NFC and wireless charging, which are not included in the fifth generation iPhone. Many people are surprised with not having these two techniques as the part of this gadget but the developers are justifying it with their own reasons. As looking at the current design and size of the phone, it was not...

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WordPress and Drupal competing for superiority

Dec 27, 2012 Techopedia |

When options are endless, someone has to suffer from a huge problem of opting out the best. So is the case with choosing the best content management system from an assortment of countless options. It’s all about picking the one which is trustworthy, easy to use as well as affordable. There are quite a few options available in perfect CMS but three of them have their unique value in this field, and all the battle lies amongst them. They are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Joomla, on a hand is somewhere considered as task specific thus has a unique requirement of itself. It leaves two options...

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HTML5 development tool expanded with Sencha Touch 2

Dec 24, 2012 Techopedia |

There is good news in development industry, as the HTML5 will now be available with an Eclipse plug-in, data connectors and a desktop application packager. The Vendor Sencha recently expanded the HTML5 package with improved development tools. The new environment will enable the developers to create HTML5-based applications which will be capable of running on desktops as well as mobile devices. The company officials stats now developers can create a single app using any Web technology using a single code, which can be then made compatible to run on various devices including Android, Apple...

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