Java – a programming language specifically designed for use in the distributed environment of the Internet, and a powerful technology with state-of-the-art utilities, games, and enterprise applications running over more than 850 million personal computers worldwide.

Ebodhi stepped ahead to bring expert knowledge and experience packaged together into a well-designed course content suiting industry needs.

Course Description

  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Object Basics and Simple Data Objects Classes and Inheritance Interfaces and Packages
  • Handling Errors with Exceptions
  • Threads: Doing Two or More Tasks At Once I/O
  • Reading and Writing
  • Accessing System Resources
  • Collections
  • JDBC
  • JSP
  • Servelts
  • Struts 1.3
  • An Introduction to MySQL database
  • Connecting JAVA application to MySQL
  • How to design a database
  • An Introduction to SQL – Structured Query Language
  • Executing SQL through JAVA application
  • Fetching Desired Data into JAVA application – SELECT statement
  • Growing up with your database – INSERT statement
  • Making your data up-to-date – UPDATE statement
  • Keeping only desired records – DELETE statement
  • Getting summarized data using AGGREGATE functions
  • GROUP and ORDER your records
  • Working with Complex Queries – JOINS, INNER Queries
  • Defining and Calling Stored Procedures
  • Displaying large data into multiple pages – Pagination
  • Introduction to Ajax – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  • Purpose of Ajax
  • Ajax Components – key technologies of Ajax
  • JavaScript and DOM
  • HttpRequest Object – Compatibility Secrets
  • Methods and Properties of HttpRequest Object
  • Creating and Using HttpRequest Object
  • Generating and Handling the Response – The Role of the Server
  • Known Problems – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Learning best practices and standards
  • Securing your website
  • Advanced security concepts
  • Optimization techniques
  • SEO and JAVA
  • Introduction to technical documentation
  • Working with FTP

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