Scholarship Program

Introducing scholarship program

If you dream in binary, count electric sheep, can’t sleep without the hum of at least a dozen cooling fans and regularly grapple with the urge to overclock everything in sight, computer science might be the right major for you. With a lot of work and a bit of luck, who knows, maybe you’ll be responsible for the next big leap in computer technology. Whether you plan to work for or compete with the giants of the computer industry, you’re going to need to take some steps to build your skills, not to mention an impressive resume.

To be a professional computer whiz, you will need training and at least some amount of formal education. Those who plan to embark on a career in technology should seriously consider a degree in computer science. While a college dropout succeeded in founding Microsoft in 1975, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a college dropout will succeed in getting a job coding for Microsoft today. A college education, and likely some additional certification, is necessary to succeed in the computer industry today.

Keeping the fact in mind that thousands of students get their degree every year but all of them are not skilled enough to get a dream job. This increases the requirement of formal training in a professional course which does not only increase your skills but also improves the chances of getting a highly paying job. But as college education is a very expensive and it is not possible for every student to pay the fees of these professional courses after paying a lot during their graduation. Due to this reason, thousands of talented students miss the chance of bright future due to lack of funds.

Ebodhi is dedicated to ensure any talented and deserving student does not miss the shining career opportunity just because he is not capable of paying the high amount for professional coaching. To reward the talent and to motivate the students to get a chance to attain better opportunities, Ebodhi has announced a scholarship program for the stars of the college. In this, the bright students will get a certain percent of concession in the fees while enrolling for any course provided by Ebodhi. The scholarship will be awarded based upon your aggregate percentage in graduation. More details are mentioned below:

1.    Aggregate 85% and above – 20 Percent Scholarship
2.    Aggregate 75% to 85% – 15 Percent Scholarship
3.    Aggregate 65% to 75% – 10 Percent Scholarship



The scholarship program will is for a limited time period. Hurry up and enroll yourself before the opportunity expires.

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