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Training is a process of acquiring considerable knowledge, skills and a level of competency. It is an overall experience that improvises capability, capacity and the performance of an individual targeted at a permanent change in the individual. Professional training is one of the most important measures adopted by individuals in the modern world to equip themselves for the best of placements and opportunities available around.

As an outcome of our experience of over a decade in the IT field & the level of expertise achieved by us, Ebodhi is now one of the leading institutions providing high quality & competitive practical professional training to individuals. Our faculties are experts actively working in the IT Industry on live projects who are well versed with the latest technology & trends. It becomes very easy for an aspiring candidate who is looking to excel in IT professionally to groom themselves to a professionally benchmarked level. We have the essential know-how of how to develop capable young engineers to excel in businesses in the emerging technology and knowledge- oriented sectors. Moreover, we are actively engaged in a process of providing efficient technical programmers to the world of IT who have the competence to steer business enterprises in a proficient, profitable, and efficient manner.

Ebodhi is basically an initiative by GIPL to groom the raw talent up to the professional standards of the industry. GIPL has been delivering IT solutions to top corporations across the globe for over 17 years. Experts at GIPL are well aware of the steps, procedures & measures involved that are crucial in making that all-important jump from academic learning to real life situations.

our vision

Ebodhi aims at providing intensive and comprehensive learning to individuals. The individuals benefited by Ebodhi’s top-notch training are primarily students especially from engineering colleges who are yet to launch themselves into the market and seek to excel in the professional environment. Ebodhi is simply a one-stop shop solution for training in all the major & latest technologies of the world, thereby providing practical exposure on live projects and eventually an ultimate, well-rounded, and cohesive training experience that will equip one with the required technical and lateral skills to last a lifetime.

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