What is Ebodhi?

In recent years, every IT company in India has been witnessing extreme deficiencies in recruiting appropriately skilled & result oriented man power. Keeping in mind this unusual scenarios that regularly arise in and have come to characterize the professional IT world, the old saying “Requirements pave the way for Inventions & Discoveries” clearly holds true for ‘Ebodhi’ too and has paved the way for its foundation and conceptualization.

Ebodhi is a combination of two words, composed of the letter ‘E’ from the English language, which serves to symbolize the Electronic & Digital world and ‘Bodhi’ from the Hindi language which stands for acknowledgement & wisdom. With a team of experts working in the IT industry, Ebodhi is well versed in the latest technology & trends. Ebodhi’s training of individuals has catapulted its status, making it the one- stop shop solution for training of all of the major & latest technologies, thereby providing practical exposure on live projects to individuals & eventually an ultimate, well-rounded, and cohesive experiential training experience that serves to equip individuals with the technical and lateral skills to last a lifetime.

At present, Ebodhi has dynamically evolved as a hub of experts actively working in the IT Industry, training individuals & bringing real world working experience to them, enabling them to better understand the globally competitive technological environment. Ebodhi works similar to a goldsmith, slowly & gradually crafting the raw talent in an individual into a knowledgeable, trained professional, enabling them to successfully deploy their talent and shine in the IT world.

At the heart of Ebodhi lies the aim of providing efficient and highly skilled technical programmers to a  vast range of IT companies, who will have the competence, understanding, and prowess to steer business enterprises in an efficient and profitable manner. The expert trainers at Ebodhi are well aware of the steps, procedures & measures involved that are crucial in making that all-important jump for an individual from academic learning to real life problems and dynamic situations.

Ebodhi’s  aim is to provid a comprehensive learning experience to individuals, with a core focus on providing practical and useful knowledge for a shining career in today’s rapidly evolving IT world.

Rachit Bagda (Director, Ebodhi) quoted, “In our business, the only constant is change. Training is highly important in IT, as it is the one & only way that anyone may keep in touch with contemporary issues and changing trends.

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