Why Ebodhi?

When it comes to training at Ebodhi, ‘Why Ebodhi?’ is the first & foremost question that comes into the mind of every individual. In fact, it is indeed the most important question to consider before joining any training center.

What is Ebodhi’s background and prior achievements in the field of training?Ebodhi is basically an initiative by GIPL. GIPL is a leading IT company that has been in operation since over 17 years. GIPL has established roots in the field of IT with a team of skilled professionals delivering solutions for both web and mobile platforms.
Based on this experience, Ebodhi has evolved as an advanced center of research and training. Ebodhi has successfully trained thousands of candidates in the last few years and has had a successful and remarkable record of placements. These students were completely satisfied with their training period at Ebodhi & have also commemorated it by providing their brief testimonials, which can be viewed at www.ebodhi.in

Who are the trainers?
The trainers at Ebodhi are skilled professionals in vast and varied areas of the technology domain having years of experience in successfully executing web projects. These trainers follow the execution process on the same principles and methods that are involved in internal corporate trainings that an IT company adopts for the technical upliftment of its existing workforce – it is entirely based on the very best of practices in the field of training.

Is the syllabus Job oriented?
Ebodhi is extremely cautious while selecting the latest technologies as a part of the course and even more so while preparing their syllabi for training. A team has been dedicated to research the present market trends so as to design a perfect job- oriented course. Thus all the syllabi at Ebodhi have been compiled as a result of extensive market research, understanding of corporate needs, and a deep analysis of future trends. These are completely compliant to the practical scenarios & real-world case studies covering all the elements essential for starting an individual’s professional career.

How is the training environment?
Ebodhi’s training environment is entirely conducive to effective learning and technological enhancement. The training simulates an industrial training environment and the participants are treated like on-the- job trainees. Dedicated labs are provided and the Campus Connect program is designed to impart real- world skills to fresh technological talent. The students will be able to understand the fundamentals of theory from the portals of the university. This innovative form of training defies the laws of classic classroom- style learning ensuring that the depth of the subject is touched.

Does Ebodhi also provide placements?
Ebodhi is actively engaged in the process of providing efficient technical programmers to a great range of high-profile IT companies, who will have the competence and prowess to steer business enterprises in not only a proficient but also an efficient manner. Expert trainers at Ebodhi are well aware of the steps, procedures & measures involved that are crucial requirements for an individual in making that jump from academic learning to real- life professional challenges. Thus at the end of the training, the top talent is highly likely to be rewarded by being absorbed in an IT company as a full- time team member.

Thus it is easy to conclude that Ebodhi always strives for excellence and perfection in any task, aiming to deliver the best-in-class engineers to the world of IT. Ebodhi aims at providing a comprehensive learning experience to individuals, with a focus on providing practical knowledge for a shining career. By contributing to the global e-society, Ebodhi glorifies the world by providing exceptionally trained IT professionals. Ebodhi has successfully identified, bridged, and filled the gap between academics and industry expectations and the remarkable results achieved speak volumes about Ebodhi’s success in meeting these goals.

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