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If technology is the future, programming is the success manual. It is a skill that is highly required in this growing market, regardless of your child's eventual career path. With our unique teaching style and completely innovative curriculum, learning to code is a blast. So, why should your kid be excluded?

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HTML & CSS - Web Development

Learn the fundamentals of computer programming with HTML and CSS. By the completion of the course, kids will have mastered the basics of an important life skill. With an understanding of HTML and CSS, you can create beautiful and appealing websites and applications by incorporating text, photos, videos, and a variety of design styles. The power of HTML & CSS is required to present a web page on the internet.

Coding Fundamentals With Python

In this course, you’ll understand the basis of the Python programming language. Python is one of the most widely used languages in the industry and the world's third most popular programming language. Python is a high-level programming language that is powerful and easy to learn. Not only is it taught at most schools and in various institutions, but it also has a wide range of applications. It is very simple for kids to learn Python without prior knowledge. It is used in a wide range of solutions to build software and apps.

Learn To Code Today To Get a Head-Start In Your Career.

Advancing technology is a collaborative effort. Our guided live-class group sessions teach you to make your own apps and websites and get a kickstart in tomorrow's digital world.

When your kids have Ebodhi's teachers on their side, there's no limit to where they can go. Your kids get to work on unique projects that enhance imagination and foster creativity with a small group of students and a helpful instructor.

Kids interact in real-time with an experienced tutor and a small group of classmates during live online lessons. They can ask questions and get instant solutions within the structure of the course.

What Will Your Kids Learn in the Coding For Kids Online Course?

What is Coding & Why Should Kids Learn to Code?

Coding is the language we use to communicate with computers, and it's what we use to create and run websites, apps, video games, and other software. Learning to code is similar to learning how to interact with a computer by reading and writing in its language. Coding is a creative language that enables kids to build a better tomorrow!

Coding for children is an important life skill that will prepare them for the future.
Kids evolve from being technology users to developing and innovating with it.

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The Benefits of Learning to Code With Ebodhi

LIVE Classes

LIVE sessions are held in real-time, allowing for two-way interaction. With live online coding classes, students may ask questions in real-time and receive immediate answers, which also assists in the quick resolution of doubts and problems.

Experienced and Qualified Instructors

Ebodhi is glad to have some of the best and most experienced trainers in the field of coding and technology development. Our highly qualified and well-trained teachers come from a core IT background and have extensive knowledge in computer science.

Flexible Online Courses

We understand that today's kids are involved in a variety of activities and skill programmes. Ebodhi's LIVE online coding sessions are flexible and can be customised to your child's schedule.

Free Demo Session Available

We provide free trial sessions for learning to code online to illustrate our effective teaching style and how your kid will be catered to during the course. So don't wait any longer and register for a trial class now!

Curriculum Tailored to Your Kid's Interests

We understand and acknowledge that every child is unique. This is why Ebodhi 's LIVE online coding courses emphasise personal development. We customise the curriculum to your child's learning capacity with small batches and our experienced tutors.

Real-World Projects for Practical Learning

Coding is a practical subject with a lot of applications. This is why our LIVE online coding courses are designed to prepare kids for application-based assignments that are both challenging and deliver a wonderful learning experience.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start teaching the fundamentals of computer science to your kids and prepare them for the future!

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